The Parable of the NoKnow Family

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The Noknow Rabbit family – Heart O’ Fear, Blinder and Nofeel encounter attacks from enemies from within and without, living in fear and starvation while hunkered down in their dark, dingy burrow. Their journey begins a long trek to Celestial City in the lush green mountains where Strongheart the Deer lives. 

Heart O’Fear, Blinder and Nofeel face attacks from Hawk, threats from Coyote, Owl and Bat while crossing the huge expanse of the desert on their way to Celestial City in the lush green mountains.  

The Parable of the NoKnow Family challenges the reader with excellent English, alliteration, poetry, while decorating the pages with beautiful high resolution photos of Hawks, Owls, Deer and pristine Mountainous photos, as well as colorful art to prompt the readers imaginations of all ages.

The Parable of the Noknow Family not only enhances the readers English ability, but feeds the imagination while instructing about nature and expounding hidden similarities of personalities and behaviors between rabbits, deer, owl, hawk and people.

The final challenge is how we can embark on the journey to a greater, more abundant lifestyle by challenging our own fears and self defeating self-talk. Read the 58 pages of the journey to a greater place, free from our enemies of fear, doubt and prejudices; 

Great for adults or children, we can learn from animals. Get the Parable of the Noknow Family to take the learning vacation in your imagination today.

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