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Email Marketing Build Your Business or Political Campaigns Introductory offer!

For a limited time we offer the first 30 days at no cost. After the first 30 days you agree to a $30.00 per month with the following agreement:

The agreement includes message numbers as follows for a total of messages per week / per month described below. Our numbers are approximate given technical constraints and varying list sizes. We do not do a cost per message, we agree on a monthly basis.  

How we work

We take your content, set up the message and optimize for SEO and initiate the send.

  1. Compose your message – typically 200 – 400 words, preferably in MS Word.
  2. Include your graphics.
  3. Provide details of your geographic area or market sector
  4. Email to

Email Web Marketing

Gold $30.00  .

  • Approximately 40,000 per month / 10,000 week.
  • Weekly Analytics reports Total sent, unsent, opens, clicks.


Email Web Marketing

Silver $20.00

  • Approximately 20,000 per month / 10,000 week.
  • Weekly Analytics reports Total sent, unsent, opens, clicks.

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  • Questions? We prefer text, but Call or text Gary at 941-706-1555
  • Email
Email Marketing Build Your Business or Political Campaigns



Email Marketing Build Your Business Brand or Political Campaigns

AVNETMEDIA – As independent journalist marketers, publishers announces new email upgrades to our publishing marketing capabilities.

What We do – What You Get

  • Targeted media campaigns R us. We build businesses, enhance the posterity of our liberty, property, homes and families through targeted media campaigns, through the exercise of our 1st Amendment and Bill of Rights. . Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns, to your geographic or market sector.
  • Weekly Analytics reports Total sent, unsent, opens, clicks.


Geo Targeting

Email Web Marketing

  • We target specific geographic regions of most places on earth, according to customer request.




 We target Market and Government Sectors

Email Web Marketing

  • We target government and market sectors per customer request. A few examples are the Veterans Administration to promote helps for our Veterans, transportation including trucking, automobiles, Real Estate and Colleges and Universities. Your requested list can include business, government, education based on geographic definitions as well.




What Makes us Different?

Email Web Marketing

  • AVNetmedia sets itself apart from our competition by creating targeted lists to reach decision makers, per customer requests. Typically our list size averages 5,000 to 10,000 we create in approximately 24 to 48 hours.




We create targeted email campaigns to specific market sectors or geographic localities.

Email Web Marketing

  • We have many lists already created so you can leverage our already created lists – ideal for business and political campaigns. Our unique ability includes approximately 50,000 targeted Can-Spam compliant messages per day. Our messaging capabilities for publishing & marketing such needs as:




A sample of our approximately 1200 lists include:

Email Web Marketing

  • Nationwide Major Media companies ~ 20,000
  • State Governments ~ all 50 state legislators 20,000
  • Transportation – trucking, freight, auto sales.
  • Florida Business ~ 20,000
  • Major Colleges and Universities nationwide – ~ 200,000.
Email Marketing Build Your Business or Political Campaigns

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