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Email Marketing & Publishing Services

Email Marketing & Publishing Services - your Business, get your name out for a Political campaign.   We do the heavy lifting to keep your name and messages off the blacklists.  Our experienced engineering talent offer:

  • SEO
  • Build Custom CAN-SPAM compliant lists for your specific needs.  (Some limitations apply)
  • Optimization to Create Memorable Titles


  • 3 Month Blocks. We offer campaigns in blocks of three months.  We have found campaigns need repetition.  Three month blocks are a “sweet spot” for effective publishing.
  • Each month we require a minimum commitment to 2 sends per month.  Each send typically is from 5000 – 10,000 email addresses.
  • Each send is a block price of $100.00
  • Options include custom built email lists.  The list can be built according to your preference of market sectors.  CAN-SPAM laws do not allow private addresses unless they come from voting records or opt-in lists.


Email Marketing & Publishing Services