Software Review: Atomic Email Verifier AtomPark Software

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Software Review: Atomic Email Verifier AtomPark Software
Software Review: Atomic Email Verifier AtomPark Software
Software Review: Atomic Email Verifier AtomPark Software

Atomic Mail Verifier

AtomPark Software Inc.


The above screen shot shows an actual list under verification.  The Atomic Mail verifier intuitive interface is easy to use. I was up and running immediately upon installation.

AtomPark software offers mass mail products assisting marketers to manage email lists of marketing companies.  When email marketers lists grow into the thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, a mathematical certainty exists that in a few weeks or months many of those email messages will be invalid.  Spam filters on the internet have tripping points where if your hostname or ipaddress send too many invalid emails in a certain amount of time, you will be blacklisted.  Blacklisting can damage business, bringing email communication to a screeching halt.

AtomPark Software offers a product we have used for nearly two years that will verify large email lists in just a few minutes called the Atomic Email Verifier.  The Atomic Email Verifier will output a report of valid, invalid, uncertain, blocked or blacklisted email addresses.  We have found this product invaluable to maintain high quality clean lists to stay off of the blacklists.  A summary of the operation of the Atomic Email Verifier includes the following:

Atomic Mail Verifier

  • Checking the validity of email addresses:
  • Verify email syntax
  • Verify domains
  • Verify emails
  • Unlimited lists
  • Input files: text, Excel xlsx, and .csv.  Because most email lists comes in one of these formats we have not encountered a list format it would not accept. The Atomic email verifier first checks for duplicates and asks you if you want to delete the duplicates, always say yes.
  • Output file format:   MS Excel,  MS Word, Open Office Calc,  OpenOffice Writer,  .csv, text, Atomic Mail Sender or Atomic List Manager. It also supports Facebook connections. The verifier parses names, addresses, counties, states or about anything you want to throw at it for export. It exports individual lists or a combination of data into .csv, xls, MS  Word, Open Office or others.  The reports provide a wealth of information showing who the email providers are and performance. You will find some are radically different.
  • Speed : the above example shows a list size of 22972 and a processing time of 15:11 minutes.
  • Support:  We have only had to call support one time, not about a product issue, but an upgrade.  Support answered immediately no-wait time. Our questions were about product features and operation which they answered all of our questions.
  • Stability:  The problem has functioned as expected.  We have never had it crash.
  • We give this product a five star rating, for overall operation and ease of operation. It’s modest price makes the cost / benefit of it’s purchase a no brainer.

We provide this in depth review for our readers having used this product for approximately 2 years. We have ran hundreds of lists verifying a total of about 4 million email addresses.  It has functioned without a flaw and is essential to our marketing business.

AtomPark Software Inc  also offers other products that catches our interest including the following examples. We have decided to put into operation the Email Studio, it’s features as follows from their site .  The following products offered here as features are available individually as well.

Atomic Email Studio – nine programs in one


Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one bulk email marketing software that consists of nine top email marketing programs. The package’s main program is Atomic Mail Sender. There are also other programs for email search, email collection from various sources, editing and managing contact lists in the package.

Atomic Email Studio is an integrated solution containing all Atomic programs for email marketing. It includes nine email marketing modules for bulk mailings:

  • Atomic Mail Sender(to send email newsletters)
  • Atomic List Manager(to edit mailing lists)
  • Atomic Subscription Manager(to handle subscriptions automatically)
  • Atomic Mail Verifier(to verify email lists)
  • Atomic Email Hunter(to collect contacts from the Internet)
  • Atomic Email Logger(to gather contacts from local files)
  • Atomic WHOIS Explorer(to collect contacts from the global WHOIS database)
  • Atomic Newsgroup Explorer(to extract contacts from newsgroups)
  • Atomic Web Spider(to collect contacts from visited websites)

Simply put, Atomic Email Studio is the ultimate solution to automate each and every stage of your bulk email marketing campaigns.

AVNetmedia recommends the Atomic Mail Verifier product having used it often in our business.

Software Review: Atomic Email Verifier AtomPark Software